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Gas supply restored in liberated Izium

Monday, 19 December 2022, 19:00

Gas supply was restored in the liberated city of Izium, Kharkiv Oblast: 18,000 consumers received gas.

Source: press service of Kharkivhas [local gas supply company].

The occupiers destroyed 10 gas control points, 4 gas valves, 7 cathode protection stations and hundreds of metres of gas pipeline. As a result, more than 22,000 consumers were left without gas supply.

"Experts of Kharkivhaz have restored gas supply to 18,000 households. Now, the work continues at the request of customers who are coming back to their homes," the company added.

It is noted that the restoration work lasted 20 days. The company emphasised that quick restoration was possible, including thanks to the emergency stock of equipment created in the Regional Gas Company (RGC) [a business that provides financial, legal, and technology consulting services] logistics centre.

"When the logistics chains did not work at all due to hostilities, we did not stop supplying spare parts. In the warehouse of the logistics centre, there are steel and plastic pipes for underground and above-ground gas pipelines, cabinet gas regulating points of the RGC’s own production, gas valves, consumables," said Artem Ilienko, the technician director of Kharkivhas.

In total, experts of Kharkivhaz restored gas supply to more than 139,000 consumers in Kharkiv Oblast.

Since the beginning of hostilities, gas workers of Ukraine have restored gas supply to more than 510,000 households.

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