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Six injured in Brovary helicopter crash to be sent for treatment abroad

Thursday, 19 January 2023, 14:52

Some patients from the burns unit in Kyiv who suffered in the 18 January accident in Brovary will be sent abroad for treatment.

Source: Iryna Mykychak, Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine, on air during the 24/7 joint newscast on 19 January

Quote: "We are preparing six patients from the burns unit, children and adults, for further treatment abroad.


Burns units in Poland, Austria, the Czech Republic and the United States actively volunteered during the first few hours after the tragedy," said Mykychak.

 Illustrative photo: mtellioglu/Depositphotos

She explained that only the most severely injured patients had been transferred to the burns unit in Kyiv. However, none of them are in critical or life-threatening condition. They are receiving full treatment.

Background: On 18 January, a helicopter crashed in Brovary, Kyiv Oblast. The helicopter was carrying the top leadership of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry. The crash killed 14 people.

Twenty-five people have been hospitalised in Brovary City Hospital, and eight of them have been taken to the burns unit in Kyiv.

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