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Ukrainian soldiers arrive in Germany to train with Patriot air defence systems

Thursday, 2 February 2023, 08:39

Ukrainian soldiers have already arrived in Germany to start training with Patriot air defence systems. 

Source: DPA media outlet, citing its sources in the security sector, as reported by European Pravda

Details: The group of Ukrainian soldiers landed on Tuesday and should start training on Thursday. This group consists of about 70 Ukrainians. 


The German federal government, having consulted with the United States of America, wants Ukraine to have the complete Patriot system to repel Russian attacks. 

A Patriot system typically includes a radar, a fire control centre, a power generator and six or more launchers. 

Background: In January, Ukrainian soldiers arrived in the USA for training with Patriot systems. 


Washington announced the supply of the first Patriot air defence system to Ukraine on 21 December 2022 within another package of military aid. Shortly after that, Germany also promised to send Patriots to Ukraine. 

The Netherlands will also provide Ukraine with a Patriot system and a bunch of missiles. 

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