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Attack on Kherson: authorities specify number of victims

Tuesday, 21 February 2023, 16:11
Attack on Kherson: authorities specify number of victims

Five people were killed and 16 were injured and taken to the hospital as a result of the Russian attack on the city of Kherson on 21 February.

Source: Kherson City Council and Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, on Telegram, the National Police on Telegram

Details: The information is given as of 15:00.


Quote: "As of now, 21 people in Kherson have suffered from the Russian attack on the city today in the afternoon. Five people were killed, 16 were taken to city hospitals and are receiving medical treatment."

More details: The situation was also commented on by President Volodymyr Zelesnkyy.


Quote from Zelenskyy: "The Russian army is heavily shelling Kherson.

Again, mercilessly killing the civilian population.

A vehicle park, residential areas, an apartment building, and a public transport stop were hit. These terrorist attacks, unfortunately, resulted in death and injury. My condolences to all those who have lost loved ones.

The world has no right to forget for a single moment that Russian cruelty and aggression know no bounds. The terrorist state will be responsible for all its inhumane crimes against our people and Ukraine."

Updated: Later, the National Police confirmed information that five people were killed. 

According to the law enforcement officers, 16 people were injured as a result of the Russian attack from multiple-launch missile systems; 5 people were killed, 4 of them were on the public transport stop at the time of the attack.

It is reported that a public transport stop, a blood service centre, and apartment buildings were hit. A shop, electricity line and cars were damaged by the Russian projectile.

The police have provided help to the victims and evacuated people from the damaged apartments.

Background: On Tuesday, 21 February in the afternoon, the Russian occupying forces shelled the city of Kherson, especially the city centre, likely using the Grad systems. A public transport stop with a lot of people was struck, as well as a residential building.

Earlier, six people were reported killed. 

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