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Bank of Estonia raises over €140,000 for Ukraine through sales of commemorative coins

Thursday, 23 February 2023, 13:09

The Bank of Estonia has transferred an additional €140,550 to the National  Bank of Ukraine that it raised from sales of 2-euro coin cards commemorating Ukraine and freedom.

Source: European Pravda, citing ERR

More than 35,000 coin cards have been purchased since the coin was issued. Counting the first transfer made in August last year, the Bank of Estonia has transferred almost €495,000 to Ukraine.


The countries where the coin cards were most popular are Estonia, Germany, France, Latvia, Spain, Slovakia, Ukraine, Finland, the US and Italy, but there was interest from people in 53 countries in total.

The Bank of Estonia released two million coins into circulation on 29 November. It has been offering coin cards since last July.

The coin was designed by entrants in a competition organised by the Estonian Academy of Arts. All of them are refugees from Ukraine. The winning design by Daria Titova depicts a girl wearing a traditional Ukrainian wreath, carefully holding a small bird in her hands.


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