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Czech President rules out the West cutting support for Ukraine, fearing escalation over Crimea

Sunday, 26 February 2023, 10:31

Petr Pavel, President of the Czech Republic, is not concerned that Ukraine’s allies could deliberately reduce their support for Ukraine at a time when the prospect of Crimea's liberation is approaching, fearing a radical escalation on the part of the Kremlin.

Source: Petr Pavel, when asked how reasonable such assumptions are in an interview with Ukraine's public broadcaster Suspilne, as reported by European Pravda

Quote: "I don't think that Western countries are discussing an option that would involve reducing support because of Ukraine's intention to liberate Crimea. Quite the opposite. All of the leaders use the same arguments, which means they support Ukraine in liberating its entire territory," said Pavel.


Details: In the interview, he also said that Ukraine’s allies should prepare to support Ukraine in the long term, regardless of their hopes for a quick victory, and should not rule out less optimistic scenarios.

The Czech President also shared his visions of the scenarios he sees for Russia after the war.

Earlier, Politico reported, citing its own sources, that the US president’s administration is still convinced that Ukraine's liberation of Crimea is a "red line" for Putin and that it may lead to a serious escalation. However, at the same time, the US does not deny Ukraine's right to retake the peninsula.


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