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Russia threatens Bosnia over NATO membership

Wednesday, 8 February 2023, 07:24

Russia will reserve the right to respond if Bosnia and Herzegovina joins NATO or any organisation hostile to Moscow.

Source: Igor Kalabukhov, Russian ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, in a text published on Tuesday, 8 February, on the occasion of the Russia's Day of Diplomacy, reported European Pravda

Quote: "Bosnia and Herzegovina is free to take any step on the global scene. To join any organisation whether political, economic, cultural or any other. If this is what the majority of citizens want, and if it will be useful for the country, stimulate development, strengthen ties with other peoples of the world, go ahead, we will accept it with sincere happiness."


Details: But, according to Kalabukhov, the leadership of Bosnia should understand that if the country joins the bloc, the main goal of which is the destruction of Russia, then the Russian Federation "has the right to defend itself".

He added that "we are relaxed and have no need to step up our defences" as long as Bosnia is not taking measures against Russia. 

"It can be objected that, hypothetically, it is possible to join NATO or the EU with completely different intentions that have nothing to do with Russia… Let's be realistic: If a hypothetical Brussels or Washington ordered the deployment of nuclear missiles aimed at Moscow, then the hypothetical Sarajevo, a future member of organisations under their control, would be forced to do it. So yes, the choice is free, but please don't limit our right to answer," said the Russian diplomat.

Seeking to end on a reassuring note, the ambassador concluded: "As long as we are not 100% sure about the reality of vile plans for the destruction of our country, no one will push the red button. Speaking seriously, I do not think we should expect any extreme developments."

Background: Serbs of Bosnia and Herzegovina oppose NATO membership and have also refused to join international sanctions against Russia.

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