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Ukraine's parliament plans visit to US to lobby for F-16s supply to Ukraine

Thursday, 16 March 2023, 07:17

The Verkhovna Rada delegation headed by Speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk plans to visit the United States of America to lobby for transferring F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine.

Source: Davyd Arakhamia, head of the Servant of the People faction, member of the Committee for National Security, Defence and Intelligence

Quote: "We work a lot with the US Congress, as there is now active bipartisan pressure on the administration of the President of the United States of America to provide Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets finally. Yesterday, a group of senators from both parties made an appropriate statement. In the near future, we are planning a visit by our parliamentary delegation to the United States to complete this pressure scenario and get approval from both the Pentagon and the State Department to provide us with fighter jets. We now see that a decision will eventually be made. There will also be logistical and infrastructure issues and the training of our pilots," the politician said. 


He clarified that the Ukrainian parliamentary delegation would include representatives of all factions and groups, and it would be headed by Ruslan Stefanchuk, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Arakhamia also commented on the rather harsh statements by Ron DeSantis the likely presidential candidate from the Republican Party: "In this situation, we have to remember that we have bipartisan support in the United States, and we also have to keep working".

Arakhamia also said that the Ukrainian side is trying to arrange a meeting with DeSantis to convince him that it is necessary to strengthen support for Ukraine and "put Russia where it belongs". "Because this is precisely the opinion held by the vast majority of Americans, and their politicians necessarily take this factor into account," the MP is convinced.

Earlier, DeSantis said that protecting Ukraine from a Russian invasion is not a vital US interest.

While DeSantis acknowledged that "peace should be the goal", he warned that sending troops or advanced weapons such as F-16 fighter jets and long-range missiles "risks drawing the United States into the conflict and bringing us closer to a hot war between the two of the world's largest nuclear states".

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