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Easter cakes in trenches: how Ukrainian servicemen celebrate Easter on frontline

Sunday, 16 April 2023, 14:35

On 16 April, Ukrainians celebrate Easter, and the servicemen adhere to national traditions even on the front line.

Ukrainska Pravda.Life collected Easter photos shared by our defenders on social media.

The National Guard posted a video of Easter celebration among the military. Some of them will be able to visit their relatives on this day.


"I'm going home, they let me go. And I will celebrate with my family. First we go to church in the morning, we sanctify Easter cakes, water, and eggs. Then we gather with friends, go to nature, and have a barbecue. Such are the traditions," says one of the national guardsmen.

Another fighter said that on this day he prays for victory. And the most valuable greeting for him is help from volunteers and tasty goodies.

"This Easter I was lucky that the commander gave me a day off. I will go to church with my wife, we will sanctify an Easter cake. And I will spend the holiday with my family, " he added.


National guardsmen also shared such a photo from the service:


"Easter on the positions of the National Guard! That's how our dog listens to prayer during the sanctification of Easter cakes by the chaplain," wrote the National Guard of Ukraine.

Soldiers of the 107th brigade of the Territorial Defence Forces sanctified Easter baskets on the front line.

Photo: 107th brigade of the Territorial Defence Forces

"Our courageous warriors, even in war, do not forget about religious traditions. On the occasion of the Resurrection of Christ, the defenders from Bukovyna who hold the defence on the border with Russia, held the sanctification of Easter cakes and Easter eggs," the post on social media reads.


The rite of sanctification was conducted by one of the fighters of the 107th brigade, Ivan Royik, a priest in his pre-war life, who in the first days of the invasion enlisted in the ranks of the Territorial Defence to protect Ukraine from the Russian aggressor.

The rapid response brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine Rubizh [Border – ed.] also shared photos of its servicemen celebrating Easter.

"Our soldiers are keeping the defence on the frontline without days off, but a little Easter atmosphere got to them. Easter cakes, Easter eggs and words of support are not just traditions, it is a symbol of the unity of Ukrainians, those who are at the front and in the rear.

The main thing for our army is the victory of good over evil! We cannot stand by and watch evil come and wield it in our home," the servicemen say. 

Photo: Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine Rubizh
The servicemen could get a taste of traditional Easter cake
Photo: Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine Rubizh

Photojournalist and military officer Yevhenii Hapich also posted photos of an Easter cake from the frontline:


An Easter basket was also collected by the 12th Army Aviation Brigade named after General-cornet Viktor Pavlenko.


Inscriptions: "Happy Easter," "And there will be a son and there will be a mother!", "And there will be people on Earth" (quote form Taras Shevchenko's poem)

"Congratulations to all on this holiday! Light conquered darkness and brought faith in the future! Our Easter basket gifts us warmth," the fighters wrote.


The 114th Territorial Defence Brigade of Kyiv Oblast reminded that history repeats itself and shared Easter photos of Ukrainian rebels of the twentieth century.

The 114th Territorial Defence Brigade, 2023

The first photo shows the soldiers of the Territorial Defence, while the others depict Ukrainian rebels of 1946 and 1950.

Photo: Yavoriv Archive No. 162

Volunteer Victoria Khamaza also shared a touching video of a fighter listening to Easter greetings in a trench.

Переглянути цей допис в Instagram

Допис, поширений Вікторія Хамаза (@vk_hamyza)

"East. Here, the most insignificant things bring tears to your eyes. A paratrooper is listening to the Easter greeting of the president against the background of shelling. It's painful to see when these titans [soldiers – ed.] cry," she wrote on Instagram.

The Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine posted the following photos:


Photo: The Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine


Ukrainians were also congratulated on the holiday by the Zakarpattia military near Bakhmut:

@viktor.shchadey Закарпатці з-під Бахмута вітають з Великоднем земляків! #закарпаття #ужгород #тро #донбас #рахів #бахмут #зсу #великдень ♬ оригінальний звук - Віктор Щадей

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