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Thermoelectric power plant goes offline after Russian attacks

Sunday, 2 April 2023, 18:24

A thermoelectric power plant, part of the DTEK energy and power generation firm, was damaged in a Russian attack on Sunday, 2 April.

Source: DTEK on Telegram

Details: "The power plant’s equipment was damaged in an attack. As a result, the thermoelectric power plant went offline," the DTEK message reads.


DTEK added that power technicians will be able to repair the power plant’s equipment and restore its power generation capacity after the shelling is over.

The firm also added that its thermoelectric power plants have been attacked a total of 30 times since Russia began targeting Ukraine’s power system [in autumn 2022 – ed.]. Three DTEK power technicians have been killed in Russian attacks and 28 sustained injuries.

Background: DTEK suffered a total of nearly UAH 6 billion (approximately US$164 million) of direct losses from damage to and destruction of equipment at its power generating facilities as a result of Russian attacks.

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