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Russia wants to restore its influence in Moldova to use it in war against Ukraine – Foreign Minister

Tuesday, 13 June 2023, 08:45

Russia wants to restore its influence in Moldova and use the country, particularly in the war against Ukraine.

Source: NewsMaker, citing Ana Revenco, Minister of Internal Affairs of Moldova

Details: Revenco said that the threat remains not only for Moldova but also for the entire European continent.


Quote: "We understand that Russia wants to regain influence in this region because Moldova's geographical position is a potentially important springboard for the Russian Federation in relation to the EU. Control over Moldova means additional vulnerability for Ukraine," the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said.

Details: She added that Russia's possible control over Moldova would allow, on the one hand, direct access to the Black Sea and, on the other hand, control over the movement of goods along the Danube River.

In addition, according to the minister, this would mean "additional opportunities for blackmail" and the activation of forces in the Transnistria region.

Revenko emphasised that today, Russia is waging a hybrid war in Moldova. This is manifested in manipulating the population, its radical mood, various non-peaceful demonstrations, and in news and fakes.


  • The Council of the European Union, for the first time, adopted the regulation on the introduction of sanctions within the framework of the new sanctions regime for the destabilisation of Moldova.
  • Fugitive Moldovan oligarchs Vladimir Plahotniuk and Ilan Shor, a top deputy of the Shor party, Marina Tauber, as well as former deputy head of the General Inspectorate of Police Georgi Kavkaliuk, who is wanted in Moldova, and Russian businessman Igor Chaika, have been sanctioned by the EU.

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