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Two protesters against cruise ship from Russia arrested in Georgia

Monday, 31 July 2023, 08:15

The police have arrested two people attending a rally against the second arrival of the Astoria Grande cruise ship from Sochi with Russian tourists in the port of the Georgian city of Batumi.

Source: European Pravda, citing local newspaper Batumelebi

Details: A demonstration against the cruise ship began in Batumi harbour at 00:00 local time, but the police did not allow the participants, which included civil activists and members of the opposition political party, to enter the harbour. The law enforcement officers explained their actions by citing "security considerations".


Reportedly, the protesters tried to break through the police barricades and enter the harbour. The detention and removal of one protester from the port area were caught on video.

The newspaper states that shortly after the protest, it became known that the cruise ship would enter Batumi harbour again.


  • Batumi will protest again against the arrival of the Astoria Grande cruise ship with Russian tourists from Sochi on 31 July.
  • Supporters of President Vladimir Putin and people who support the war are expected to be on board the cruise ship.
  • The Astoria Grande ship is officially registered in the Seychelles so as to avoid sanctions. Pirveli, a Georgian TV channel, claimed that the Astoria Grande’s real owner is Dmitry Purim, a Russian businessman.
  • On 27 July, the Astoria Grande cruise ship carrying Russian tourists arrived in Batumi, Georgia, causing local residents to protest. They chanted "Russian ship, go f**k yourself" and "Abkhazia is Georgia", and brought photographs depicting Abkhazia and the events of the August war [in 1992 between Georgia and Russia in the region of Abkhazia - ed.].
  • That same evening, the ship left Batumi, two days earlier than planned.

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