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Georgian opposition to introduce bill to guard against Russian influence

Construction of Russian military port in occupied Abkhazia almost complete – video

Georgia must release Saakashvili from prison to "normalise relations" with Ukraine – MP

Georgia demands that Ukraine extradite Saakashvili's aides to "improve bilateral relations"

Georgian candidate PM accuses Ukraine of intending to open "second front" against Russia in Georgia

Georgian authorities intercept cargo of Ukrainian explosives allegedly bound for Voronezh

Russians trying to create naval base in occupied part of Georgia – Defence Intelligence Chief

Georgian President expresses solidarity with Ukraine after Russia's large-scale missile attack

Pro-Russian radicals burn EU flags in Georgia

Georgian military volunteer killed in action in Ukraine

EU will support accession talks with Ukraine and Moldova, Georgia to get candidate status

Georgia did not let in Ukrainians forcibly deported from Kherson for half a month

Foundation to support Georgian Legion fighting for Ukraine created in Georgia

Russia to deploy naval base on occupied territory of Georgia

Kyiv responds to Georgia's accusations of alleged preparations for rebellion: "We have not interfered and do not plan to"

Soldier from Georgian Legion is killed fighting against Russia

Georgia let in 6 Ukrainian citizens deported from Kherson Oblast by Russians

Ukrainians stuck on border with Georgia after evacuating from occupied territories: Ukraine's Foreign Ministry looks into situation

Medvedev says Russia may annex Abkhazia and South Ossetia

Saakashvili's allies launch pre-election campaign on his behalf

Ukrainian citizen in Georgia fined for protesting against cruise ship with Russian tourists

Zelenskyy calls for punishment for aggressor on anniversary of Russia's aggression against Georgia

Zelenskyy offers his condolences to Georgia over tragedy in resort village

Georgian authorities release Ukrainian detained at protests against arrival of Russian cruise liner

Bus carrying Putin supporters pelted with bottles in Batumi, Georgia; Ukrainian woman detained

Cruise ship with Putin's supporters on board arrives in Georgia: protests begin

Two protesters against cruise ship from Russia arrested in Georgia

Cruise liner with Putin's supporters to arrive in Georgia

Liner with Russians departs Batumi 2 days early after "hospitable" reception

Georgia will not "consult" with ambassador whom Kyiv asked to leave over Saakashvili