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Poor efficiency of civilian pilots announced in Russia, they have 30 days for retraining

Wednesday, 27 September 2023, 12:55

The management of Russian airlines has been given a month to bring the professional level of pilots in line with the requirements for this job.

Source: the Kommersant newspaper with reference to flight safety recommendations sent to airlines by Rosaviatsia (Federal Air Transport Agency)

Details: In its bulletin Flight Safety Information No. 9, Rosaviatsia requires airline management to ensure that pilots comply with the General Rules for Preparing for Flights. 


In particular, pilots should be required to correctly calculate the remaining fuel, taking into account possible changes in weather conditions, route deviations and delays, second circle, engine failure or cabin depressurisation. 

"Technical malfunctions such as landing gear failure or wing mechanisation, according to the agency, also increase fuel consumption, so in such cases, pilots need to calculate their fuel reserves using nomograms and tables specially developed by Rosaviatsia," the document says. 

The airlines' management was also ordered to additionally train pilots in the event of an aircraft landing gear cleaning system failure.

They have one month to comply with the requirements.

It is noted that such an instruction was sent out after another incident with civilian aircraft on 12 September.

During the landing approach at Omsk airport, one of the hydraulic circuits of the A320 plane flying from Sochi failed, and during the altitude gain, the pilots tried to remove the wing and landing gear, but only the mechanisation was removed, and a discrete signal about the landing gear not being removed was recorded until the end of the flight.

The pilots decided to fly to an alternate airfield, calculated the distance and amount of fuel, and it became clear that there was not enough fuel. As a result, the plane had to land in a field.

The pilots insist that they made the right decision. They were unable to land the plane in Omsk due to a failure of the hydraulic system circuit and gusty winds.

Background: Since the beginning of this year, dozens of flight safety incidents have occurred in Russia. The reason for this is the lack of spare parts for repairs following the imposition of sanctions.

Russian airlines fly mainly Airbus and Boeing aircraft, which are banned from doing business in Russia. More than 40% of these aircraft belonged to foreign leasing companies that did not receive their property back after Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Most of the aircraft continue to fly, although they are cut off from important software updates and maintenance needed to ensure their suitability.

At the same time, Russia has begun to conceal aircraft malfunctions. 

In particular, the Russian airline Aeroflot has issued an internal regulation requiring senior flight attendants to enter data on technical failures and malfunctions of cabin equipment in the Cabin Log Book only after approval by the aircraft commander. The same practice is common in other airlines.

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