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40% more women serve in Ukraine's Armed Forces than in 2021 – Defence Ministry

Monday, 16 October 2023, 16:06
40% more women serve in Ukraine's Armed Forces than in 2021 – Defence Ministry
Photo: Bumble-Dee/Depositphotos

There are 40% more women serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine than in 2021, and over the past 2 years, the number of women in the army has increased by 12,000.

Now almost 43,000 servicewomen serve in the Ukrainian army, reports the country’s Ministry of Defence.

The ministry talked about changes on the way to gender equality in the army in recent years.


In particular, Ukraine abolished official restrictions on the access of servicewomen to all positions.

"If earlier women could only serve in positions mainly of medical specialties, signalmen, accountants, clerks and cooks, now a woman in the army can be a driver, a grenade launcher operator, a deputy commander of a reconnaissance group, an IFV commander, a repairman, a machine gunner, a sniper, etc.," the representatives of Ukraine’s Defence Ministry say.

A contract for military service can be concluded by women aged 18 to 60 years, just like in the case with men (previously the age threshold for women was up to 40 years).

Additionally, women were given the opportunity to receive military education at all levels.

"Since 2019, the government has allowed girls to enter military lyceums. Women who in the future see themselves as officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have access to all levels of military education. They are allowed to master the same jobs as men, and subsequently serve in a wide list of positions," the Defence Ministry reports.

Among other changes, the Armed Forces of Ukraine introduced training sessions and seminars on the equality of the Ukrainian army, gender expertise for documents developed by the Ministry of Defence, the position of a freelance gender adviser in the system of the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, etc.

"Work continues on the logistics and provision for servicewomen – in particular, the creation of new models of military uniforms and personal protective equipment, taking into account the anthropometric parameters.

Regular work is underway to prevent sexual harassment and other human rights violations," the ministry reports.

Earlier, military uniform for servicewomen was officially approved in Ukraine. 

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