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One-third of humanitarian aid allegedly sent to military units "disappeared"

Friday, 20 October 2023, 13:46

Out of 9,000 verified instances of humanitarian aid delivery to the military since the beginning of 2023, its arrival at military units was not confirmed in over 3,000 cases.

Source: joint checks by the Anti-Smuggling and Customs Rules Violations Department of the State Customs Service of Ukraine and the Internal Audit Department of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine

Quote from the State Customs Service of Ukraine: "During the first nine months of 2023, by joint measures, over 9,000 instances of the delivery of humanitarian aid to 200 military units have been checked. It was determined that in more than 3,000 cases, it was not delivered to the military units." 


Details: Such instances were determined using a special mechanism for the joint monitoring of humanitarian aid delivery to military units. The mechanism has made it possible to rapidly exchange information about the confirmation of receipt of such goods by military formations and identify risky customs clearances.

Customs officials have filed 387 reports about facts indicating signs of a crime to law enforcement agencies. Furthermore, 320 protocols on customs rules violations have been drawn up in which humanitarian aid items are the subjects of the offence.

"We are grateful to public organisations, volunteers and international donors who help Ukraine. At the same time, we stress that the import of commercial goods under the guise of humanitarian aid is a violation of current legislation and gives rise to criminal liability," the State Customs Service noted.


  • Starting 1 December, organisations that plan to import humanitarian aid to Ukraine will have to register on the Automated Humanitarian Aid Registration System web platform, sign up on the website, and prepare and submit a declaration, which will be sent to customs via the information exchange.
  • However, a petition asking the government to postpone the entry into force of a resolution on some aspects of customs clearance and humanitarian aid records for six months during martial law has gained the 25,000 signatures needed for the petition to be considered.

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