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US imposes sanctions against manufacturer of Russian Lancet drones and Putin's gas projects

Thursday, 2 November 2023, 18:41
US imposes sanctions against manufacturer of Russian Lancet drones and Putin's gas projects

The US Department of State has imposed economic sanctions against dozens of Russian individuals and legal entities. Among others, the sanctions concern energy projects and the military-industrial complex of Russia.

Source: European Pravda

Details: On 2 November, Washington implemented sanctions against individuals and legal entities directly involved in manufacturing the Lancet drones, which the Russian forces are actively using against Ukraine.


Alexander Zakharov, developer of Lancet, his family and a number of companies connected to them were sanctioned. One of these companies is ZALA Aero, which directly supplies the Russian Defence Ministry with these drones.

The sanctions were also imposed against LLC Arctic LNG 2, operator of the project of the Russian sanctioned company Novatek, for massive manufacturing and supply of liquefied gas in Siberia.

The list of the US Department of State contains a number of individuals and legal entities involved in the illegal import of technologies for military industry to Russia. Among them are Elena Milska, wife of Alexander Kurenkov, Minister of Emergency Situations of Russia and Putin’s associate, Salman Zakriev, First Deputy Head of the Parliament of Chechnya, and his son.

A few Russian officials were included in the blacklist of the US Department of State: six deputy ministers and the head of the legal department of the Ministry of Economy of Russia, who is also in charge of the companies that operate in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

Background: Separately, the US Treasury announced a large-scale sanctions package against 130 individuals and legal entities that facilitate Russia’s evasion of economic restrictions and help it arrange the supplies of technologies for military production.

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