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Lower house of Czech Parliament approves continuation of Ukrainian soldiers' training in 2024

Wednesday, 29 November 2023, 12:00
Lower house of Czech Parliament approves continuation of Ukrainian soldiers' training in 2024

The mission to train the Ukrainian servicemen will continue the following year, following approval from the Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of the Czech parliament.

Source: This was reported by Novinky, writes European Pravda

Quote: "If the Czech Republic has no other way to help, then this is the form of assistance that is offered. This form of assistance is also beneficial for our soldiers," said Jana Černochová, Czech Defence Minister, asking to support the proposal. 


Details: She continued by saying that although army depots are now short on equipment to donate, support will still be provided to Ukraine, which has been defending itself against Russian aggression since last February.

The minister stated that approximately 3,500 Ukrainian soldiers have received training in the Czech Republic, and an additional 500 soldiers have received training in Poland from Czech instructors. The proposal states that Ukrainians will be able to receive training in the Czech Republic from instructors from other NATO nations as well. As with this year, the total number of foreign army soldiers should not surpass 800.

Out of the 150 current MPs, 129 agreed to continue training Ukrainian soldiers. MPs from the opposition ANO movement endorsed the proposal as well. Radim Fiala, the leader of the SPD faction, attempted in vain to have this proposal rejected because the political force views it as "support for the continuation of the conflict".

Three weeks ago, the Czech Senate extended the mandate to conduct combat training for Ukrainian military personnel in the country until the end of 2024.

In September, the Czech government approved the purchase of 24 latest-generation F-35 fighter jets worth US$5.62 billion, the most expensive defence procurement in the country's history. They will replace the Gripen aircraft that the Czech Republic has leased from Sweden until 2027.

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