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UK Foreign Secretary calls for increase of weapons production to help Ukraine win

Thursday, 30 November 2023, 08:29
UK Foreign Secretary calls for increase of weapons production to help Ukraine win
David Cameron. Stock photo: Getty Images

UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron has called on the Western allies to collectively increase the weapons production to help Ukraine on its way to victory in the war against Russia.

Source: The Telegraph with reference to Cameron's statement at the NATO meeting in Brussels

Details: Cameron noted that the Alliance can hold out longer in supporting Ukraine than Russia hopes, adding that the Alliance's combined economic power is 30 times greater than Russia's.


The UK foreign secretary called on the NATO member countries to use their collective advantage to provide Ukraine with sufficient number of weapons.

He said the Alliance members should seek to sign more multi-year agreements with various countries to persuade weapon manufacturers to increase production to meet Ukraine's needs for at least next two years.

Quote: "Two weeks ago, I was in Ukraine saying we need to do everything we could to help the Ukrainians repel this appalling aggression by Putin. I’ll be building consensus for that view here at NATO," the secretary said before the meeting’s beginning.


  • Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said he received confirmation from colleagues from other states that NATO countries are preparing for the unification of their military industries.
  • The North Atlantic Alliance also insisted that statements and assumptions heard in this country that Ukraine's Armed Forces' leaders have had no plan to achieve military goals are incorrect.

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