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UK and Norway officially announce creation of maritime coalition for Ukraine

Monday, 11 December 2023, 19:55
UK and Norway officially announce creation of maritime coalition for Ukraine
photo: Grant Shapps on X (Twitter)

The United Kingdom and Norway have officially announced the creation of a Maritime Coalition, which will be responsible for strengthening Ukraine's naval capabilities, on Monday, 11 December.

Source: British and Norwegian ministries of defence, European Pravda writes.

Details: The creation of the maritime coalition was announced in London by Grant Shapps, UK Defence Secretary, and his Norwegian counterpart Bjørn Aril Gram. It was agreed during the last meeting of the Contact Group on Ukraine's Defence (Ramstein format).


The Maritime Capabilities Coalition will build on the long-term support provided to Ukraine by the UK, Norway and other countries, and help Ukraine transform its Navy, making it more interoperable with NATO forces and strengthening security in the Black Sea.

"The new maritime coalition will work closely with the Ukrainian Navy and Ministry of Defence to develop a number of capabilities, including the rapid development of a maritime force in the Black Sea, continuing to develop a Ukrainian Marine Corps, and river patrol craft to defend coastal and inland waterways," the UK Defence Ministry explained.

As part of the coalition, the UK and Norway have announced the transfer of two Royal Navy Sandown-class minehunters to Ukraine. In addition, according to data from Ukraine's Defence Ministry, Kyiv will receive 20 Viking amphibious vehicles and 23 speedboats.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy thanked the two countries for creating a coalition that will help "strengthen the Ukrainian navy, safeguard maritime transportation routes, and secure freedom of navigation."

"Building on Ukraine’s 2023 victory in the battle for the Black Sea, we will keep Russian terror away from the region and ensure that Ukrainian food exports keep contributing to global food security," he added.

Earlier this year, Denmark handed over unique drones to the Ukrainian Navy. Those are autonomous hydrographic systems, which, among other things, allow for the detection of underwater targets.

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