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Shahed drone crash-lands in Romania

Thursday, 14 December 2023, 15:42
Shahed drone crash-lands in Romania

One of the kamikaze drones which Russia used to attack the port infrastructure of Odesa Oblast on the night of 13-14 December landed in Romania.

Source: Ministry of Defence of Romania, European Pravda

Details: During the attack, Romania’s Defence Ministry was tracking the situation from the border zone and stepped up air patrol procedures, simultaneously informing the General Inspection for Emergency Situations that the counties of Tulcea and Galaţi could be affected by the risks associated with this situation.


Romanian Air Force F-16s from the 86th Fetești airbase and German Eurofighter Typhoon planes from the 57th Mihail Kogălniceanu airbase carried out surveillance of Romanian airspace.

"In this situation the surveillance radar of the Armed Forces of Romania indicated a potential unauthorised violation of the national airspace, having registered a low-altitude signal on one of the routes leading to the area around Grindu in the county of Tulcea," the ministry reported.

Combined groups from Romania’s Defence Ministry and Air Force headed to the district last night. They reported this morning that a 1.5-metre-deep crater, caused by the crash-landing of a Russian drone used to attack Ukrainian port infrastructure, had been found in an unpopulated area about 4 km upstream from the town of Grindu.


Measures were taken to ensure the security of the district, and the relevant agencies were mobilised to collect evidence and conduct an investigation in accordance with the established procedures.

The Romanian authorities added that they would continue to conduct airspace surveillance and reconnaissance missions in areas where risks may arise from these situations.

"The Ministry of National Defence strongly condemns the attack launched by Russia on separate facilities and civilian infrastructure elements in the Ukrainian ports on the River Danube. These attacks are unjustified and a gross violation of international humanitarian law," the ministry stated.

Furthermore, Romania’s Defence Ministry is in constant contact with allied structures, which are kept informed in real time about the situation following these attacks.

Background: During the nighttime drone attack on Odesa Oblast, a student accommodation building in Odesa was damaged by falling drone pieces. Eleven people were injured. A total of 11 buildings were also damaged, two cars were burned out, and warehouses near the port in the Izmail district were destroyed.

The 650-km land border between Romania and Ukraine has become a target of Russian attacks. Pieces of Russian drones used to attack the territory of Ukraine have been landing in Romania over the last few months.

It was announced at the end of September that due to incidents involving Russian drones crashing, Romania would be moving air defence systems closer to its villages on the River Danube that border Ukraine.

In October, anti-drone systems were installed in Romanian settlements on the border with Ukraine.

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