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Striking Polish hauliers aren't letting patrol boat sent with US aid into Ukraine

Saturday, 2 December 2023, 20:21
Striking Polish hauliers aren't letting patrol boat sent with US aid into Ukraine
Photo: Pavlo Kravchuk's Facebook

Pavlo Kravchuk, a manager at the Europe Without Barriers civic organisation, has reported that striking Polish hauliers are not letting a SAFE Boats International patrol boat sent as part of the US government aid into Ukraine.

Source: Pavlo Kravchuk on Facebook

Details: Kravchuk said that the group blocking the boat represents the anti-Ukrainian Confederation party. They said they sent the truck carrying a SAFE Boats boat to the end of the queue, claiming that the boat was an "expensive yacht" disguised as humanitarian aid.


Kravchuk also said SAFE Boats told him it had supplied Ukraine with 27 Walk Around Cabin boats.

"This is part of the US government aid program. The vessels provided by SAFE Boats are intended to be used as government patrol vessels and are not intended to be used as private yachts," he quoted the company’s statement.

Kravchuk also noted that he could not say for sure that it was one of these boats held at the Polish-Ukrainian border as that boat is under a cover.

"But I think it is very likely that it is, and Confederation is not only causing huge losses to Ukraine’s economy and delaying vital supplies indirectly, but also directly blocking military cargo," Kravchuk concluded.


  • On 1 December, Ukrainian lorry drivers waiting to cross the border at the Korczowa-Krakovets checkpoint amid a blockade by Polish hauliers decided to suspend their hunger strike following negotiations.
  • Also on 1 December, the Ministry for Restoration of Ukraine and the Ministry of Infrastructure of Poland have agreed on a list of conditions necessary for unblocking the border.
  • The Polish hauliers began a protest on 6 November, demanding that the EU, among other things, reinstate the permit system for Ukrainian drivers entering the EU.
  • The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reported earlier that as of Friday morning, about 2,100 trucks were queuing to enter Ukraine at the Ukrainian-Polish border.

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