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Volunteer sets up Christmas tree 6 km from Bakhmut

Monday, 4 December 2023, 13:15
Volunteer sets up Christmas tree 6 km from Bakhmut
Volunteer Yevhen Tkachov set up the tree 6 kilometres from Bakhmut

A small festive Christmas tree decorated with baubles and tinsel has appeared in Donetsk Oblast, not far from Bakhmut.

Source: Yevhen Tkachov, a Ukrainian volunteer, on Facebook

Details: Yevhen set up the tree 6 km away from Bakhmut and posted a video on Facebook. "The holidays are coming," he said.


"Perhaps some people won’t like my post today about 'playing Santa'. But I believe that a little reminder of Christmas will give some cheer and hope to many who will pass by a few kilometres from the contact line as they drive to the ‘zero’ near Bakhmut [in military slang, "zero" means the "contact line" – ed.]

Unfortunately, for some of them it will be the last time. So let them see the Christmas tree rather than the landscape the Russians have disfigured," the volunteer wrote.

The Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine called the tree "the main Christmas tree of the country".

The symbol has gone down well with some other military personnel too.

"The main Christmas tree of the country makes your New Year beautiful – 6 km from Bakhmut," Facebook user Roman Docent captioned a photo of the tree.

Volunteer Yevhen Tkachov set up the tree 6 km from Bakhmut. The military appreciate it

There was widespread appreciation for Tkachov's idea in the comments.

"Thank you for the tree, it cheers us up every time we drive by. We even managed to take a photo with it, so we will take care of it," soldier Anastasiia responded to the volunteer.

The volunteer wants the soldiers to see a reminder of Christmas, not the landscapes ravaged by the Russians

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