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UK sanctions exporters of military equipment to Russia

Wednesday, 6 December 2023, 14:21
UK sanctions exporters of military equipment to Russia

The UK government has announced new sanctions against individuals and groups that are supplying and funding the Russian army and military industry.

Source: European Pravda, citing a UK government press release

Details: The new UK sanctions apply to companies from Belarus, China, Serbia, Türkiye, the United Arab Emirates and Uzbekistan.


These include JSC Design Bureau Display, a Belarusian organisation linked to the production of military technology for the Belarusian regime and support for Russia's war against Ukraine; AVIO CHEM, a Serbian company which has sent multiple shipments of aircraft parts and accessories to Russian entities; MVIZION, an Uzbek company which has acted as an intermediary to import parts to Russia, and Smart Trading Limited, a Turkish company involved in the supply of Western electronics to Russia.

In addition, three Chinese companies have been sanctioned: Asia Pacific Links Limited, Sinno Electronics Co, Limited and Xinghua Co., Limited. They supply sanctioned goods that are essential to Russia's military efforts.

The UK has also sanctioned 31 individuals and legal entities from the Russian Federation which are associated with the development and production of drones and missile parts, as well as the import and supply of key electronic components.

Restrictive measures apply to three entities supporting the Wagner Group network, including the Rusich military group and one of its leaders, Yan Petrovsky.

Sanctions have also been imposed on four UAE-based entities that are helping Russia to circumvent oil sanctions.

Background: On 5 December, the United States announced sanctions against 11 legal entities and 8 individuals in Belarus involved in repression, the corrupt financial enrichment of the Lukashenko regime, and complicity in Russia's war against Ukraine.

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