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Citizens believe Ukraine can be reconstructed in 10 years, but worry about corruption, survey shows

Thursday, 7 December 2023, 15:12
Citizens believe Ukraine can be reconstructed in 10 years, but worry about corruption, survey shows
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Three-quarters of Ukrainians believe that the country's reconstruction will take about 10 years, but they consider corruption the most significant risk.

Source: a sociological study by Transparency International Ukraine

Details: The study showed that the population's views on Ukraine's reconstruction have become more pragmatic than six months ago.


Compared to the previous study, the number of Ukrainians who believe reconstruction will last over 10 years has increased significantly. A total of 63% of the population thought so in March, and 73% expected that the reconstruction would last 10 years or more in November.

Ukrainians give the exact forecasts regarding the economic recovery: 70% believe this process will last 10 years or more.

Meanwhile, Ukrainians insist that the government should consult with the public on reconstruction issues, and such aspiration has not changed in six months – 93% in the spring and 92% in the autumn.

The majority (65%) of those who suffered damage and destruction (17% of all respondents) did not apply for compensation, including every third (37%) who believed that the state had more urgent needs.

"By the end of 2023, the focus of Ukrainians is increasingly directed towards internal problems. In particular, people clearly single out corruption as the biggest challenge for Ukraine," said Anastasiia Mazurok, Deputy Executive Director for Transparency International Ukraine.

She believes that the study showed that Ukrainians are becoming increasingly demanding not only for results but also for clearly communicated plans that could alleviate their anxieties. They require full participation and honest dialogue from the authorities.

Ukrainians also consider the main problems of the country to be as follows:

  • war (96% in November, while 98% thought so in March),
  • corruption (88% in November, while in March – 77%),
  • destruction to infrastructure and housing (82% in November, compared to 87% in March).

However, if the fear for war and destruction lessened at the end of the year, the perceived risks of corruption, on the contrary, begin to worry Ukrainians by 11% more.

Ukrainians consider corruption the biggest risk in reconstruction based on two parameters: the return to corruption schemes (79%) and lack of control and, as a result, embezzlement of funds (75%).

The third and fourth places of things the population is worried about are the large scale of destruction (65%) and the threat of a recurrence of hostilities (63%).

"It is worth noting that almost all factors have grown significantly in half a year," Transparency International Ukraine noted.

A sociological study commissioned by Transparency International Ukraine was conducted by the Info Sapiens research agency with the support of the USAID Project Support to Anti-Corruption Champion Institutions (SACCI).

The survey about the needs and expectations of the future reconstruction in Ukraine was conducted among the population and mayors.

Transparency International Ukraine is an accredited representative of the global Transparency International movement.

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