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Orbán's government openly switches to Russia's positions

Friday, 8 December 2023, 16:00
Orbán's government openly switches to Russia's positions
Donald Tusk. Stock photo: Getty Images

Donald Tusk, who is expected to become Poland's next prime minister, has said the Hungarian government has openly "switched to Russian positions". 

Source: Donald Tusk, while communicating with the media on Friday; European Pravda with reference to TVN 24

Details: Donald Tusk was asked about his possible talks with Viktor Orbán, Hungarian Prime Minister.  


"We are dealing with a government that has openly switched to a Russian position…Let's be honest. His relations with Moscow and Putin are organic, and I don't think my beliefs can significantly change his attitude," Donald Tusk said.

Tusk noted that he "would not overestimate his influence on Viktor Orbán. "We are not politically close to each other today," Donald Tusk said.  

He said that Orbán's government is blocking decisions under which Poland should receive €800 million from the EU for weapons transferred to Ukraine. 

"I am angry that at the last minute – when they are running for their money ... they could not settle with Orbán such an important issue for us as €800 million for weapons," Donald Tusk said, referring to the government of Mateusz Morawiecki. 

The head of the Civic Platform stated that he would be firm at the European Council, where important Ukraine-related issues will be discussed. 

"I am convinced that from now on, most leaders will take Polish opinion into account when it comes to Ukrainian issues and when it comes to Hungary and Orbán," Donald Tusk said, adding that he would use various arguments and methods "at least to eliminate the negative consequences" of Orbán's attitude. 

Background: As it is known, on 11 December, the Polish Sejm voted for a motion of confidence in the government headed by Mateusz Morawiecki.  

When, as expected, he does not get a motion of confidence, the parliamentary majority plans to vote for the second stage, the government of Donald Tusk.

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