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Ukraine's Defence Intelligence comments on St Petersburg oil depot attack

Thursday, 18 January 2024, 16:54
Ukraine's Defence Intelligence comments on St Petersburg oil depot attack
Photo: UP

Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence believes that a drone attack carried out on an oil depot in St Petersburg on the night of 17-18 January demonstrates a "new level of quality" of means of destruction.

Source: Andrii Yusov, a representative of Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence, on the air of UP. Live

Quote: "As usual, we neither confirm nor deny, but simply state [facts]. There have been explosions in Leningrad Oblast before, but this time, this is a new level of quality in terms of both geography and the means of destruction. And yes, the enemy has reason to worry about its military facilities located in St Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast.


An oil depot that is being actively used to circumvent sanctions and, accordingly, to supply and finance the invaders’ troops and the occupation corps in Ukraine – these are proper and legitimate targets for such incidents."

Details: Yusov also added that the attack UAVs "may have been launched from the territory of Russia, but this is not certain".


  • It was reported earlier that the Ukrainian drone attack on an oil depot in Russia's Leningrad Oblast on the night of 17-18 January was a special operation by Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.
  • On 18 January, the Russian defence ministry reported a Ukrainian drone attack in Leningrad Oblast and claimed that a UAV had been shot down. At the same time, the Russian Telegram channel Astra reported that a drone had crashed and exploded on the territory of the St Petersburg Oil Terminal.

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