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Ukraine's Defence Ministry approves new developments

Saturday, 6 January 2024, 18:05
Ukraine's Defence Ministry approves new developments
Photo: Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

During the first week of 2024, Ukraine’s Defence Ministry codified nearly a dozen new models of domestic-made weapons and military equipment and approved them for military use. These include robotic systems, UAVs, engineering equipment and modernised anti-tank guided missile systems (ATGMs) with new missiles.

Source: Ivan Havryliuk, Ukraine’s Deputy Defence Minister, in a comment for Ekonomichna Pravda

Details: The codification process gives the green light to the signing of agreements between entrepreneurs and the Defence Ministry. New developments are tested prior to codification.


The new robotic systems include a ground robotic platform for remote mine-laying with a remote self-detonation function and a ground robotic logistics system.

In terms of UAVs, the Ukrainian army will receive a new modification of the Leleka (Stork) drone and two types of FPV drones with different payload capacities. Particular attention has been paid to protecting drones from Russian electronic warfare equipment.

A semi-mounted mine roller for armoured combat vehicles on a chassis has also been codified. In addition, Ukraine’s Armed Forces will receive a two-seater ATV with a load capacity of 800 kg and a separate tactical trailer.

A Shturm-SM mobile anti-tank missile system based on an armoured combat vehicle has also been tested and codified, and Ukrainian missiles with various types of warheads have been developed for the ATGMs.


October 2023 saw Ukraine’s Defence Ministry approve new models of drones for the first time using a simplified procedure recently approved by the Cabinet of Ministers that has shortened the relevant timelines to a few days rather than months. 

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