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Ukrainian Lancet-like drones pass early tests

Sunday, 18 February 2024, 14:06
Ukrainian Lancet-like drones pass early tests
Lancet UAV. Photo: Getty Images

Ukrainian drones similar to Russian Lancet UAVs have passed the first tests and are on their way to the first combat trials.

Source: Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation, on the Diia YouTube channel

Details: It is noted that drones made by different companies have been tested in recent days.


Two of the four drones have successfully passed the trials.

Fedorov noted that in the next few months, it will be possible to organise the production of about 100 such drones monthly.

The Lancet provides a greater attack range, operating at 30-40km, while First-Person View drones operate at 10-20km.

The Lancet-type drone has another advantage: it can operate during the day, whereas large quadcopters can only work under cover of night.

Such UAVs are controlled by a video channel, enabling guidance and movement correction during the engagement of the target.

In addition, such drones have a target acquisition function, allowing them to lock onto a target in the last 300-500 metres before hitting it without direct communication with the drone.

Mykhailo Fedorov also stressed the need to introduce a market for such drones.

"This is a high-tech product, so we couldn't launch it right away, as we had to get the market going... and now we have the result," the minister explained.

"There will be 2-3 products on the market that compete with each other, and in a year, there will be a dozen such companies," Fedorov added.

The next stage is battlefield testing.

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Background: In early February, it was reported that in the coming weeks, Ukraine would sign contracts for producing FPV drones similar to the Russian Lancet UAVs with a range of 40 km.

Ukrainian drone production has been significantly scaled up throughout 2023. In total, over 200 Ukrainian companies are involved in the UAV sector, either assembling the finished vehicles or providing products and services to the drone industry.

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