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Half of partners' aid arrives late – Ukraine's defence minister

Sunday, 25 February 2024, 20:02
Half of partners' aid arrives late – Ukraine's defence minister
Rustem Umierov. Photo: Ukraine's Defence Ministry

Half of the weapons and munitions supplied by Ukraine’s partners do not arrive in Ukraine on time, Ukraine’s Defence Minister Rustem Umierov has said.

Source: Umierov during the Ukraine.Year 2024 conference

Details: "Allocation [of aid] does not necessarily mean delivery. Fifty percent [of military aid] does not arrive on time," Umierov said.


He added that these delays mean losses of personnel and territory for Ukraine.

"Allies are supposed to deliver aid on time during this war… We have a plan. We’re working to execute the plan. We’re doing everything possible – and impossible. But we struggle without timely supplies," the Ukrainian defence minister said.

Umierov stressed that never before in human history has a country been able to resist for so long without air superiority. Not only that: Ukraine has driven the Russians out of the north and the Black Sea even without air superiority.

Umierov also urged people to pay attention to the mathematics of war: "We’re looking at our enemy, their economy is worth about [US$]2 trillion and they’re spending up to 15% of their budget on the war effort – that's over US$150 billion."


  • President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said he was optimistic about a possible supply of long-range weaponry, specifically ATACMS missiles, after recent talks with Ukraine’s Western partners.
  • The Ukrainian president also reiterated that Ukraine has told the US that it needs to approve its aid package for Ukraine next month, and the US Congress is well aware of that.

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