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Ukraine's First Lady meets with Queen Camilla – photo

Thursday, 29 February 2024, 14:13
Ukraine's First Lady meets with Queen Camilla – photo
Queen Camilla, in her favourite blue, met with Olena Zelenska. Photo: Zelenska on Instagram

During her visit to the United Kingdom on 29 February, Ukraine's First Lady Olena Zelenska met with Queen Camilla to express her gratitude for supporting Ukraine throughout the two years of full-scale invasion.

Source: Zelenska on social media

"...During my visit to the UK, I was pleased to meet with Her Majesty Queen Camilla. I expressed my gratitude to the royal family and the entire United Kingdom for their consistent support for Ukraine, for sheltering 200,000 Ukrainian refugees and for holding regular meetings with them (the King and Queen have visited the Ukrainian Centre in London many times). I strongly believe that our nations share common values: life, freedom, and democracy. We continue to defend them together," Zelenska said in an Instagram post.

Photo: Zelenska on social media
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Background: Olena Zelenska arrived in the UK on 28 February.

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