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Zelenskyy signs law on implementing NATO standards in medical support within Ukraine's Armed Forces

Friday, 1 March 2024, 12:08

Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed legislation to ensure that Ukraine's Armed Forces receive adequate medical support.

According to bill card No. 10343, the document allows the Ministry of Defence to approve protocols and standards for providing pre-medical and medical care in accordance with NATO standards.

The new law allows the Ministry of Defence to approve the list, quality standards, and minimum requirements for specialised medicines used by the military during combat operations.


According to the explanatory note, its adoption would help meet the need for military units to have modern, high-quality medical equipment.

"The bill is an important step toward ensuring that Ukrainian servicemen receive high-quality medical care that matches best international practices.

It will not only improve the quality of pre-medical and pre-hospital care, but will also ensure more efficient use of resources, optimisation of medical processes, and, most importantly, the survival of Ukrainian defenders," Deputy Defence Minister Nataliia Kalmykova said on 7 February.

According to her, in practice, the law will help improve the medical support of Ukraine's Armed Forces, as within the framework of the law the military aims for:

  • unifying treatment approaches in health institutions of the Ministry of Defence of both municipal and state property;
  • establishing medical professional qualifications;
  • approving lists of medicines and equipment that will be supplied according to unified standards.

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