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Ukrainian engineers test robotic medical evacuation platforms

Saturday, 2 March 2024, 14:45
Ukrainian engineers test robotic medical evacuation platforms
A wounded soldier. Photo: Getty Images

At a training ground, Ukrainian engineers have showcased their robotic platforms to military medics for the evacuation of the wounded from the battlefield.

Source: Ministry of Strategic Industries of Ukraine in a comment to Ekonomichna Pravda

Details: At the demonstration trials, products from seven manufacturers were presented: Terra Traverse, Robotic Complexes, Keep Robotics, Trident Technologies, Ukrainian Unmanned Technologies research and production enterprise, Tencore and another unnamed company. 


The developments are at various stages of readiness. One model has already completed all procedures and received approval for operation, while others are still in progress. The purpose of the demonstration trials is to bring together the experience of the military and manufacturers so that designers can receive feedback and improve their products in real combat situations.

"During the evacuation of the wounded, there is a significant risk for those performing the evacuation. Once we were carrying out a machine gunner, and on the way out, we had 11 wounded. Everyone survived, but when you evacuate one wounded person and you have 11 at the end, it is clear that this is a problem. Therefore, ground robotic complexes should be involved in the evacuation.

The requirements for such a robot include manoeuvrability, communication range, battery life, simplicity and convenience of operation, load capacity and cost. Regarding the models presented, there were remarks about manoeuvrability and communication," said Senior Lieutenant of the Honor Company of the Da Vinci Wolves battalion, Oleksandr Yabchanka, who was present at the trials.

"We were looking for platforms that could be adapted for medical evacuation. We met with manufacturers and told them about this problem. Brave1 also joined this work, and we found many manufacturers through them. As a result of these searches, systems began to appear on the market, which we saw at the trials," said Deputy Minister of Strategic Industries of Ukraine Hanna Hvozdii.

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