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Ukraine's Economy Ministry signs agreement to use artificial intelligence to help with demining Ukraine

Sunday, 3 March 2024, 19:04
Ukraine's Economy Ministry signs agreement to use artificial intelligence to help with demining Ukraine
A serviceman launches a drone to demonstrate the integration of AI into the process of humanitarian demining. Photo: Getty Images

Ukraine’s Ministry of Economy has signed an agreement with Palantir, a technology company specialising in big data analytics.

Source: Ukraine’s Ministry of Economy

Details: The agreement contains specific provisions for cooperation in the following areas:

  • digitising humanitarian demining operations and automating processes outlined by the National Mine Action Strategy for the period up to 2033;
  • expanding digital capabilities to coordinate land clearance and assessment, regional priorities and risk management in demining;
  • using an artificial intelligence platform (AIP) assistant in demining decision-making.

The platform will work with large databases created by mine clearance stakeholders, ranging from local governments, regional authorities, ministries and agencies to mine clearance experts and operators.

The databases are expected to contain both static information, such as an assessment of the economic efficiency of agricultural land, the proximity of contaminated areas to utilities, and operational information that will be regularly updated. 

This includes data from surveys of the territories by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, the State Transport Special Service, and non-governmental operators; the number and condition of equipment; the availability of explosives experts’ units in specific areas, and so on. 

Palantir AIP will ensure that the platform can analyse all the available information and provide recommendations for process optimisation.

For example, it will be able to advise, taking into account all the data, how to most effectively clear a particular area from mines using new demining tools such as drones or traditional methods.

The ultimate goal is to clear Ukrainian territories of mines faster and at lower costs.

Previously: In October, it was reported that a comprehensive strategy for information management regarding humanitarian demining in Ukraine would operate in accordance with a data-based approach, with artificial intelligence helping to process available data.

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