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Ukrainians who suffered sexual abuse at hands of Russian soldiers to be paid reparations

Monday, 4 March 2024, 17:22

Ukrainians who have suffered sexual abuse at the hands of Russian occupiers will receive urgent interim reparations in the form of a one-time cash allowance.

The amount of reparations is €3,000. The project's pilot phase begins on 15 April and ends in October 2024.

Source: Olha Stefanishyna, Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, during the Restoration of the conflict-related sexual violence survivors' rights conference in Ukraine.


"Together with the Global Survivors Fund and the Government Commissioner for Gender Policy, we launched a pilot project to provide urgent interim reparations to victims of sexual violence during the conflict.

We have created a system for establishing such reparations, which includes identifying victims, identifying cases, making decisions on compliance with the criteria, and providing interim compensation. We are forming a very serious foundation for further restoration of justice," Stefanishyna said.

Stefanishyna emphasised that justice should have no time limits, and that survivors require assistance now, not after the war is over.


As a result, during the first phase of this project, victims will receive one-time interim compensation.

"On 29 February, we officially began this project and held the first meetings. From 1 March to 31 March, 40 victims will go through the procedures required to obtain the appropriate status and the first interim reparations," said the deputy prime minister.

To carry out this project, a supervisory board was established, whose responsibilities include reviewing and approving documents as well as compiling statistical data on confirmed cases of sexual violence during the war.

Officials and human rights defenders are collaborating on a draft interim reparations agreement with the Office of the Prosecutor General, which conducts direct investigations into such crimes, and the Ministry of Justice, which maintains a register of damage.

Olena Zelenska also expressed her support for the initiative.

"You need a resource to recover. This applies to both the country and individuals. Victims of wartime sexual violence+ cannot wait for ‘classic’ reparations, when the war will end or when Russia will agree to pay reparations. We must act immediately, "said the First Lady.

She noticed that an increasing number of victims are willing to speak up about the violence they have experienced. As of 4 March, the Prosecutor General's Office in Ukraine is investigating 274 cases of sexual violence committed by Russian invaders.

However, there are a lot more victims.

The First Lady explained that reparations are more than just financial assistance; they are also a step toward restoring justice.

"Until an international compensation mechanism is established and Russia's confiscated assets are used to support Ukraine, the relevant assistance of our ally states is critical to us," Zelenska added.

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