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America does not seek conflict with Iran – US Secretary of Defense

Sunday, 14 April 2024, 14:51
America does not seek conflict with Iran – US Secretary of Defense
Lloyd Austin, US Secretary of Defense. Photo: Getty Images

The United States does not want to engage in conflict with Iran, but it will defend its soldiers in the Middle East and back Israel.

Source: Lloyd Austin, US Secretary of Defense, as reported by European Pravda

Details: Austin stated that the United States condemns "these reckless and unprecedented attacks by Iran and its proxies," and urged a halt to any further aggressive acts.


"We do not seek conflict with Iran, but we will not hesitate to act to protect our forces and support the defence of Israel," he stressed.

The commander of the Pentagon commended the United States military for its assistance in repelling Iran's major attack on Israel.

Austin said that on 13 April, the United States intercepted hundreds of missiles and drones on their route to Israel, launched from Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.

"Our forces remain postured to protect U.S. troops and partners in the region, provide further support for Israel's defence, and enhance regional stability," he added.

According to reports, US President Joe Biden informed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu following the Iranian strike that the US would not support Israel's potential reaction against Iran.

In response to the attack, US President Joe Biden convened the US security team for discussion and had a conversation with the prime minister of Israel. Additionally, he announced that he would convene an extraordinary meeting of the Group of Seven leaders on 14 April to coordinate a diplomatic response to Iran's attack.

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