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Congresswoman Spartz refuses to support aid package to Ukraine as she opposes funding for Kyiv

Wednesday, 17 April 2024, 07:38
Congresswoman Spartz refuses to support aid package to Ukraine as she opposes funding for Kyiv
Victoria Spartz. Stock photo: Getty Images

Ukrainian-born congresswoman Victoria Spartz has refused to support any funding for Kyiv in Congress other than for lethal aid and is making measures for securing the US border a condition.

Source: European Pravda

Details: After Speaker Mike Johnson presented his proposal for funding allies, including Ukraine, Spartz wrote on X (Twitter) that she was not willing to vote for allocating any other funding for Kyiv except for weapons supply. She stated she would not support "sending cash to the Ukrainian government – only lethal aid".


She also insisted that Johnson's package should include steps for securing the US-Mexico border. Otherwise, she would refuse to support the entire package. 

Quote: "We have to pick our hills to die on & take them. Our southern border is that hill. As I said many times, if Speaker Johnson’s package does not include border security I'll not support that rule," Spartz stated.


  • Earlier, the Republican from Indiana stated that she would not support the Senate-approved package, which includes US$60 billion in aid to Ukraine as well as funds for Israel and Taiwan.
  • Victoria Spartz has said in a number of interviews that she would like President Biden to come up with a clearer strategy for US involvement in the war and closer oversight of how assistance is spent. 
  • Spartz indicated that she might back a package that included funding for weapons, additional oversight and stricter security rules at the US border.
  • US House Speaker Mike Johnson on Monday, 16 April, introduced four separate bills on aid to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan and national security priorities.
  • Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Democratic majority in the US Senate, said he will consider a proposal put forward by Mike Johnson concerning splitting aid for Ukraine and other US allies into separate bills.

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