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Johnson introduces separate bills to help Ukraine and Israel

Tuesday, 16 April 2024, 01:56
Johnson introduces separate bills to help Ukraine and Israel
Mike Johnson. Photo: Getty Images

US House Speaker Mike Johnson on Monday has introduced four separate bills on aid to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan and national security priorities.

Source: The Hill; Johnson unveiled his plan on Twitter (X)

Details: Johnson unveiled his proposal during a closed-door House Republican conference on Monday after months of postponing any action on the politically charged topic.


Two Republican lawmakers who were at the meeting said the plan is to move four bills under one procedural rule that would allow for amendments.

The fourth bill, related to national security, as one Republican lawmaker said, would include a ban on TikTok, a provision that would allow the US to use confiscated Russian assets to help Ukraine, a lend-lease act for military aid, and convertible loans for humanitarian aid.

However, the current plan does not include any provisions on the border. Republican Representative Kevin Hearn noted that it could spark opposition from hardline conservatives who argue that any aid to Ukraine should be coupled with legislation to address the southern border.

Johnson unveiled his plan on Twitter (X).

He wrote that he had spoken with Republicans in the US House of Representatives about his plan for additional national security legislation due to the growing crisis.

This week, he said, congressmen will consider separate bills "with a structured and germane amendment process" to

  • Fund US ally Israel;
  • Support Ukraine in its war against Russian aggression;
  • Strengthen US allies in the Indo-Pacific region;
  • Pass additional measures to counter US adversaries and strengthen US national security.

Background: On Monday, the White House announced that it opposes a separate bill to aid Israel without aiding Ukraine.

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