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Ukrainian government allows some male students to travel abroad for study

Tuesday, 2 April 2024, 18:13
Ukrainian government allows some male students to travel abroad for study
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The Ukrainian government has decided to allow some male students to travel abroad to participate in academic mobility programmes. Previously, they were deprived of this right due to martial law.

Source: Oksen Lisovyi, Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine 

Details: "Academic mobility programmes are, to some extent, a fresh breath of air for both students and universities. For students, it is an opportunity to temporarily travel abroad for study or internship to gain new knowledge and experience. For universities, it is also a way to strengthen partnerships with foreign institutions," Lisovyi explains.


He said that the government's decision applies only to students aged 18 to 22 who are studying for a full-time bachelor's degree (or a master's degree in medicine, pharmacy or veterinary medicine).

In order to cross the border to study in academic mobility programmes, a person must have the following documents:

  • a digital student ID; 
  • a referral from the educational institution;
  • a certified copy of the agreement with a foreign university on admission to the academic mobility programme;
  • a document from a military enlistment office.

The Ministry of Education and Science will not issue any special permits.

Oksen Lisovyi also noted that male students would be able to participate in academic mobility programmes for one semester.


  • Earlier, the parliamentary committee kept the deferral for postgraduate students in the draft law on mobilisation.

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