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Power restrictions on 18 May to be applied only to industrial consumers

Friday, 17 May 2024, 19:58
Power restrictions on 18 May to be applied only to industrial consumers
Stock photo: Getty Images

On Saturday 18 May, from 19:00 to 24:00, the Ukrenergo dispatch centre will impose power limitation schedules solely on industrial consumers.

Source: Ukrenergo, Ukraine's national energy company

Details: It should be underlined that household consumers are not expected to face restrictions. However, Ukrenergo adds that it only discloses the time restrictions for hourly outage schedules.


As a result, if a region reaches specified thresholds, limitations may be introduced. Information on if and when shutdowns will occur in a specific location is available at the consumer's personal account, on official websites of local electricity suppliers, and on their social media profiles.

It is also noted that the range of restrictions is spread evenly across all oblasts. The power supply for vital infrastructure is not limited.


  • According to power engineers, the energy supply limitation schedules are divided into three zones that specify when the power will be supplied. For instance, with a light grey zone, energy is not guaranteed and is dependent on available generation capacity.
  • Ukraine lacks the power generation capacities and electricity imports to fully cover its energy consumption, and rolling blackouts were introduced in some oblasts on the morning of 16 May.
  • Consumer outages that began on 14 May may last until August-September 2024. There will be a shortage in the power system in winter, even at high temperatures.
  • After the air temperature rises, planned or emergency power outages can be cancelled as long as there is no shelling, but the power system situation is unlikely to improve.
  • Some Ukrainian regional power regulators claimed that the schedules of hourly power interruptions to household consumers had changed in comparison to the one previously disclosed by Ukrenergo.

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