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Briton walks from Budapest to Uzhhorod to join Ukraine's Armed Forces

Tuesday, 21 May 2024, 18:09
Briton walks from Budapest to Uzhhorod to join Ukraine's Armed Forces
Briton in Uzhhorod joins the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Photo: Transcarpathian territorial recruitment and social support centre

British man Marcus Smith has walked from Budapest to Uzhhorod in Ukraine’s west to enlist in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The foreigner’s story was revealed to the public by the Zakarpattia (Transcarpathian) enlistment office.

Marcus trekked over 300 km in 8 days, 6 hours, 36 minutes and 14 seconds.


"For the past few years, the war in your country has been on television all over the world. I believe you deserve huge respect and honour because you’re fighting for your country to live in peace. I’ve come here to try to help you in this war," said Marcus, who’s from Manchester.

Marcus believes Vladimir Putin may want to seize even more territories.

"He will want more and more, and that could lead to a Third World War in which he’ll be like Hitler. Putin will continue to go from country to country saying: ‘I want this and this! And these are my rules!’


That’s why I’m here: to fight for the Ukrainians and hopefully prevent a world war," he added.

Marcus also pointed out that it was thanks to help from other countries during World War II that Britain survived and preserved its freedom. For that reason, he wants to do everything he can to stop the aggressor.

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