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US Ambassador to NATO explains Biden's words about "peace in Ukraine without NATO membership"

Thursday, 13 June 2024, 01:16
US Ambassador to NATO explains Biden's words about peace in Ukraine without NATO membership
Stock photo: Getty Images

Julianne Smith, US Permanent Representative to NATO, commenting on the recent statement by US President Joe Biden, has said that Washington's position on Ukraine's membership in the Alliance has not changed.

Source: European Pravda with reference to Smith at an online briefing on 12 June

Details: In an interview with TIME published last week, US President Joe Biden said that peace in Ukraine meant ensuring that Russia could never occupy Ukraine; in his opinion, NATO membership was not necessary for this.


Smith noted that NATO leaders confirmed last year that Ukraine would become a member of the Alliance.

Quote: "I do believe what the President was referencing in that particular interview, though, was the fact that we, the United States, believe that the Ukrainians still have some work to do on meeting the criteria and implementing the reforms that are required for NATO membership."

More details: Smith stressed that Ukraine was working with its allies to implement the necessary reforms, and the United States welcomed Kyiv's progress in this direction. 


Quote: "So, the goal remains the same.  The commitment remains the same.  And that is why at the summit you will hear us talking a lot about building a bridge to membership for our friends in Ukraine."

Background: Last month, Smith said that the wording of Ukraine's membership prospects would change significantly at the meeting of NATO leaders in Washington.

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