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NATO Secretary General comments on downing of Russian Tu-22: Ukraine has the right to self-defence

We need at least seven more Patriot systems – Zelenskyy

Secretary General expects NATO members to provide new air defence systems to Ukraine soon

Ukraine's Commander-in-Chief discusses ammunition and heavy armour for Ukraine with Commander of NATO's Allied Forces Europe

Ukraine to join NATO's largest cybersecurity exercise for the first time

NATO Secretary General announces Ukraine-NATO Council meeting requested by Zelenskyy

Ukraine to convene NATO-Ukraine Council to strengthen protection of its skies – Zelenskyy

Industrial production of weapons is key – Commander of NATO's Allied Forces Europe

F-16s for Ukraine: Commander of NATO's Allied Forces Europe outlines main training challenges

Media reveals Trump's ideas about NATO and ending Russo-Ukrainian war

Ukraine can't wait, it needs air defence now – NATO Secretary General

NATO believes Ukraine used drones to destroy most Russian tanks in recent months

"Russian cottage houses" rented for military in Sweden and Norway during NATO exercises

NATO Deputy Secretary General anticipates surge in Russian cyberattacks and disinformation amid EU elections

NATO Secretary General says Ukraine will have to decide which compromises it will accept in war with Russia – BBC

NATO chief confident Alliance will reach agreement on Ukraine military support fund by July – BBC

US and Germany do not support Ukraine's accession to NATO – Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister for Integration

NATO Secretary General does not think F-16 jets will change course of war in Ukraine

Ukraine won't be invited to NATO at Washington summit in order not to bring NATO into war – NYT

NATO comments on possible resumption of military training in Ukraine

US and allies to double efforts to find resources for Ukraine

US State Secretary expects decision on long-term support for Kyiv at NATO summit

NATO doubts that Putin plans large-scale mobilisation soon

German Defence Minister considers plan to establish military aid fund for Ukraine worthy of attention

Ukrainian strikes have taken out at least 10% of Russia's oil refining capacity – NATO assessment

NATO Secretary General outlines two scenarios of how war in Ukraine could unfold

Lithuanian president backs idea of NATO military support fund for Ukraine

NATO intelligence casts doubt on likelihood of imminent large-scale Russian offensive

Ukraine finds air defence batteries in NATO countries that can be transferred immediately

NATO secretary general reveals agenda for NATO-Ukraine Council meeting with Ukrainian foreign minister