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Russians hit Rozkishne in Donetsk Oblast, killing and injuring civilians

Thursday, 20 June 2024, 16:26
Russians hit Rozkishne in Donetsk Oblast, killing and injuring civilians
Photo: Donetsk Oblast Prosecutor's Office

Russian forces attacked the village of Rozkishne in Donetsk Oblast on 20 June with cluster munitions, killing three people and injuring four others.

Source: Donetsk Oblast Prosecutor's Office; Vadym Filashkin, Head of Donetsk Oblast Military Administration

Quote from the Prosecutor’s Office: "The army of the aggressor state attacked the territory of Illinivka hromada in the Kramatorsk district on 20 June 2024, at 12:20, using cluster munitions from Smerch multiple-launch rocket systems [a hromada is an administrative unit designating a village, several villages, or a town, and their adjacent territories – ed.]. A woman aged 64 and two men, 30 and 42, sustained fatal injuries in the village of Rozkishne."


Details: Two men, 32 and 37, a woman, 57, and a teenager, 14, suffered blast injuries and shrapnel wounds. They were taken to hospital.

In addition, the attack on the settlement damaged four houses, two cars and a gas pipeline.



A team of power engineers came under fire from Russian forces as they carried out repair work in Donetsk Oblast.

On the night of 19-20 June, Russian forces targeted a thermal power facility owned by DTEK, the largest private energy company in Ukraine, injuring three power engineers and severely damaging equipment at the plant.

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