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Putin starts talks with Orbán by mentioning ultimatum for Ukraine

Friday, 5 July 2024, 14:41
Putin starts talks with Orbán by mentioning ultimatum for Ukraine
Putin and Orbán at the meeting in Moscow on 5 July. Photo: Orbán on Facebook

Russian ruler Vladimir Putin hosted Viktor Orbán, Hungarian PM, in the Kremlin on 5 July to conduct negotiations and discuss Ukraine, among other things. He started the meeting by mentioning an ultimatum for Kyiv.

Source: European Pravda

Details: Putin claimed that he and Orbán would have an opportunity to discuss "all aspects" of the situation in Ukraine. He stressed that Orbán arrived in Moscow first and foremost as the leader of the country that presides in the EU Council.


"You must have heard my recent address to the leadership of Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow. It outlined our position concerning a possible peaceful settlement of the conflict there. And of course I am ready to discuss all aspects [of the conflict] with you", said Putin. 

On 14 June, at a meeting with the leadership of Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Putin presented his "conditions for the start of peaceful negotiations" with Ukraine. His ultimatum is that the Ukrainian forces must withdraw from the territory of the four oblasts of Ukraine which are partially occupied by Russia, and that Kyiv must declare that it has no plans to join NATO.

Orbán thanked Putin for the meeting, noting that this was their 11th meeting over the last decade. However, he stated that this meeting was "special" since it coincides with Hungary’s presidency in the EU Council.


"The number of countries that can negotiate with both countries [Russia and Ukraine] is decreasing rapidly. It looks as though Hungary will soon become the only country in Europe that can talk to everyone. [...] I would like to know your position regarding a range of issues important for Europe", said Orbán.


  • Bertalan Havasi, the press chief for Orbán's office, stated that Orbán arrived in Moscow as part of his "peace-making mission" and will meet with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. He visited Russia just a few days after visiting Kyiv on 2 July.
  • EU chief diplomat Josep Borrell said that Orbán's visit to Moscow is not part of Hungary's presidency of the EU Council, and it will therefore be considered solely within the framework of bilateral relations between Hungary and Russia.
  • Orbán did not inform the European Commission about his plans to visit Moscow and did not coordinate his actions with it.
  • Orbán himself claimed that he had no mandate to hold the negotiations about peace between Ukraine and Russia.

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