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Joint Forces Operation

Commander of Russia's Akhmat unit killed in Donbas – Russian media

Russia actively assaults Donbas, 10 attacks have been repulsed - Joint Forces Operation summary

Ukrainian defenders repel 9 Russian attacks, destroy helicopter and 19 tanks - Joint Forces Operation

Ukrainian defenders repulse 8 Russian attacks on Donbas - Joint Forces Operation

Ukrainian Sarmat Battalion repulses Russian assault near Donetsk

Ukrainian Armed Forces repulsed 9 attacks and destroyed 20 units of Russian military equipment in Donbas

Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed almost 70 units of aggressors’ military equipment in Donbas

7 Russian attacks repulsed in Donetsk Region: around 100 Russian troops killed

12 Russian attacks repulsed in Donbas

Ukrainian Armed Forces destroy almost 50 units of aggressors’ military equipment in Donbas

Donetsk region: 3 civilians killed and 7 injured over the past 24 hours

Ukrainian Armed Forces destroy 17 units of Russian equipment and an ammunition depot in Donbas

Donetsk region: 2 civilians killed, 4 wounded in Russian shelling

Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donbas destroyed more than 50 units of invaders’ equipment and shot down 2 cruise missiles

Donbas: Ukrainian defenders destroy 21 pieces of Russian equipment and 2 planes

Russia failed to break through near Luhansk with losses- Joint Forces Operation headquarters