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defence intelligence

The Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine (HUR): Russia sends specialised schools graduates to war, there is confrontation in the General Staff

Russia suffers catastrophic losses in the war and changes its propaganda – Ukrainian intelligence

Russian officers being taken from combat positions to protect the "parade" in Mariupol - Ukrainian Intelligence

Deportees are forced with threats to accept "citizenship" of occupied territory of the Luhansk region - Ukrainian Intelligence

Ukrainian intelligence uncovers covert mobilisation of the unemployed and "Cossacks" underway in Russia

Ukrainian Intelligence told how capable Russian troops and military equipment are in Transnistria

Intercepted call: Russian admits that he enjoys torturing Ukrainians, and his mother says she would get a "buzz" out of it too

Russia prepares to announce mass mobilisation on 9 May - Ukrainian Intelligence

200 "volunteers" per week: a new military plan in the regions of the Russian Federation - Main Intelligence Directorate

Ukraine’s Intelligence Directorate: Transnistria prepares appeal to Putin on 2 May

Russian soldier’s intercepted call: Storm of Dnipropetrovsk Region imminent, aviation reinforcement has arrived

Ukrainian Intelligence: Russians scrap medical examination for "conscripts" in parts of occupied Donbas

Ukrainian intelligence: military training has been announced in Transnistria

Russians plan "press tour" of Mariupol for Kremlin propaganda-mongers - intelligence

Ukrainian Intelligence: CSTO countries do not want to fight against Ukraine

Russia is preparing a missile strike on Transnistria to cause civilian casualties - Ukrainian intelligence

Russia may use chemical weapons in Mariupol - intelligence

Ukrainian Chief Intelligence Directorate: In the Kharkiv region, Russia tries to install its own mobile operator and set up payment in rubles

Two Russian generals killed near Kherson – Intelligence Directorate

Russia resorts to mass forced mobilisation in occupied territories – Ukrainian intelligence services

Intelligence on Mariupol: Putin will deploy Russian Guards and Federal Security Service in Azovstal

Kremlin wanted to send Ukrainians to concentration camps in Siberia and force them to build cities – Danilov

Russian occupiers executing volunteers and isolating cities - intelligence

Russians were ordered to kill all Ukrainian POWs in Popasna - Intelligence

Russia's FSB arrests "Minister of Internal Affairs of the so-called “Luhansk People’s Republic" – intelligence

Roads and fields in Kherson region mined by occupiers – Intelligence

Ukraine’s Intelligence Directorate: Russia forces war “objectors” to fight in Ukraine

Ukrainians are asked not to ignore air-raid sirens, because Russia wants to attack with the last of its strength

Intelligence forces free 2 Ukrainian pilots from Russian captivity

Ukraine’s Intelligence has gained access to order outlining Russia’s plan to capture Kyiv