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Without free Ukraine there will be no free Belarus and Europe

Wednesday, 12 October 2022, 16:20

Dear President Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian people! I am addressing you on behalf of the Belarusian people.

Ukrainians are now deciding the history of not just their own, but the world’s fight for freedom, democracy, and human rights.

I feel proud that Belarusians have been fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with Ukrainian soldiers. I feel proud that Belarusians have launched their partisan movement, despite the threat of being shot. They have been collecting humanitarian aid, supporting refugees, and sharing information on the movements of Russian troops to help the Armed Forces and the people of Ukraine. 


I am convinced that Russia will be defeated, and Ukraine will restore its territorial integrity and defend its independence. Belarusians will be standing with the people of Ukraine the whole time. But Belarusians are not equal to Lukashenka. Lukashenka is a national disgrace. He has allowed Russian missiles to be launched from Belarus’ territory against Ukrainian cities. He has announced the deployment of a joint task force with Putin and allowed for even more Russian troops in the Belarusian territory. It is him and Putin who are dragging our country into the war while lying that the threat comes from Ukraine.

No one knows what Lukashenka might announce tomorrow or the day after. He is not the decision-maker anymore. The Kremlin is. It is Lukashenka who is dragging Belarus into this noose, into further dependence on Russia. But no one can subdue the Belarusian people. No one can force people to do what the dictators want. For our common freedom from occupation and dictatorship, more than 40 thousand Belarusians over the last 2 years have gone through prisons on insane charges. 40 thousand. It is like a whole town. But we are continuing our fight.

We know that Belarusians and Ukrainians are not enemies. Ukrainians and Belarusians are fighting on the same side against the same evil. Lukashenka and Putin are war criminals and eventually, they must be held liable for the thousands of innocent victims. And Belarus must withdraw from military, political, and economic integration with Russia, which harms the national interests of our country. 

Mr. President Zelenskyy, in an address you said, "We are not asking the world to fight instead of us. We are asking you to provide assistance". Belarusians are not asking anyone to fight instead of us either. We are proposing to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people to build an alliance with democratic Belarus, fight together and support the Belarusian resistance. 

The United Transitional Cabinet is ready for commencing cooperation with Ukraine and establishing diplomatic and political relations. We are ready for joint action with Ukraine. Because without a free Ukraine there can be no free Belarus and Europe. And without a free Belarus, there can be no free Ukraine. 

For our freedom and yours. Glory to Ukraine! Long Live Belarus!

Svitlana Tykhanovska 

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