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Lukashenko says he will run in next elections, and Belarus’ "limit of revolutions" is exhausted

Belarus holds first "elections" since 2020 protests

Some Wagner Group mercenaries possibly deployed from Belarus to Russia

Journalists investigate how children deported to Belarus are forced to "love Russia" – photo

Belarus announces major joint exercise with Russia for 2025

Belarusian Defence Minister claims "112,000 Ukrainian troops" are deployed near Belarusian border, threatens to destroy NATO aircraft

Lukashenko threatens enemies with "crippling damage" again

Ukrainian border guards on "saboteurs in Belarus": Lukashenko's absurdity persists

Lukashenko claims detention of Ukrainian "saboteurs" in recent counter-terrorist operation

Ukraine's border guards comments on Belarus' counter-terrorist operation regime near border with Ukraine

Counter-terrorism operation regime introduced in Belarusian region bordering Ukraine

Belarusian ice hockey team disqualified from selection for Olympics, where they could have played Ukraine

UK Defence Intelligence reports on Wagner mercenaries' activity in Belarus

Latvia bans national teams from playing with Russian and Belarusian athletes on legislative level

Military supplies delivered to Belarus aboard 4 Chinese flights, observers report

Latvia's ruling coalition prepares to ban grain imports from Russia and Belarus

Russia recruiting Belarusian youth to join Russian military academies

Lukashenko heads for working visit to Putin – photo

US ready to tighten sanctions against Lukashenko regime in Belarus

Belarusian Defence Ministry complains it did not receive invitation to NATO exercise

Baltic states agree to create joint defence zone on border with Russia and Belarus

New Belarusian military doctrine provides for use of nuclear weapons

Belarusian military will train in Russia to "gain experience" – video

Belarus to build new military town 40 km from border with Ukraine

82 Belarusians have received prison sentences for anti-war stance since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Immunity, lifelong financial security and protection: Lukashenko signs off on guarantees for himself and his family

Russians plan to take children from Ukrainian occupied territories through Belarus

Belarusian President claims Russia delivered all planned nuclear weapons to Belarus

Ukraine initiates termination of free trade agreement with Belarus

Belarus launches surprise inspection of on-duty Air Force and Air Defence units – photo