President: Ukraine Preparing for NATO Membership

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Friday, 20 May 2016, 18:46

The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine has adopted a Strategic Defense Bulletin. Ukraine is embarking on the real restructuring of the defense and security sector to prepare for NATO membership, according to the press service of the President.

"This project is an actual start of real restructuring of the defense and security sector required to enter NATO. This does not mean that we are making the decision about membership right now. Of course, we will continue to meet our international commitments. But the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the whole defense and security sector will be crossing this Rubicon of restructuring to be up-to-date with the NATO standards," President Poroshenko stated.

He added that the expected result of the defense reform is well-equipped united defense forces based on NATO standards and principles.

According to poll, 44% of Ukrainians are for their country becoming a member of NATO. Of respondents, 27% are against membership, another 11% replied that they would not vote in a referendum on this issue. While according to poll, 18% of respondents are unsure.

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda

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Українці знов спізнались на 10 - 12 років. Голова Верховно Ради Яценюк, Президент Ющенко, Прем'єр-міністр Тимошенко в 2004 - 2005 роках мали таку можливість приєднатися до НАТО і Євросоюзу, підписавши договір із НАТО в Бухаресті - Румунія.
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